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Greg Reddick

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Greg Reddick My background:

I started programming in 1977, and started programming professionally when I turned 18. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems, I went to work for Microsoft. I worked four years on the Microsoft Access development team (from 1988-1992) as the Software Engineer who wrote the print engine in Access 1.0.

Since leaving Microsoft, I have co-authored three books, Inside Microsoft Access (New Rider's Publishing, ISBN 1-56205-103-2), Microsoft Access 2 Developer's Handbook (SYBEX, ISBN 0-7821-1327-3), and Microsoft Access 95 Developer's Handbook (SYBEX, ISBN 0-7821-1765-1). I have written and edited the Reddick VBA (RVBA) Naming Conventions. I authored the award winning Maya Calendar program. I currently contract as a trainer for Application Developers Training Company, teaching public and in-house courses in the Visual Basic programming language, Active Server Pages, and XML/XSLT.