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Greg Reddick

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The Boxster Technical Bulletin shown below describes how to open the front trunk when the battery is discharged or disconnected:

[I deleted the scan for copyright reasons. It wasn't readable anyway.]

Since this is not the world's greatest scan, the following is the summary of what it says:

Front and Rear Hood Release Inoperative [grp5 1/96 5510 1/21/97] 1pg

Should the front and rear hood releases become inoperative due to a disconnected or discharged battery, the following procedure will allow the hoods to be operated electrically under these conditions.

  • Open the left door.
  • Using an external battery, connect the negative lead to the door stop.
  • Connect the positive lead to both sides of fuse "C3" (see illustration below).
  • With the door open, move the door latch with a screwdriver into the closed position.
  • Using the key, lock and unlock the door.
  • The front and rear hood releases can now be operated.

Note: If the vehicle is in the workshop and the battery must be disconnected, try to park the vehicle in a safe area where it is not necessary to latch the front hood.

The diagram shows the same stuff as the bulleted directions above except it shows putting a 30 amp fuse between the external battery positive terminal and the C3 fuse.

My Solution

I constructed the device below to match the diagram given in the Technical Bulletin. There is a battery terminal connected to 16 gauge wire to a 30 amp fuse holder, that, of course, holds a 30 amp fuse. This is connected to two fuse blades that are put over a 15 amp fuse and whole wrapped in electrical tape. I have not tested this, but in theory it should work. The idea is to connect a set of jumper cables to the door stop and the battery terminal on the constructed cable, then plug it into the C3 fuse and follow the directions given above.

jumper.jpg (10090 bytes)